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Olive Green

Olive Green

A Multi Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant

Olive Green is a pure vegan restaurant that offers authentic food and services taking the inspiration from traditions and their values and serve accordingly to please our customers. Olive Green in Mehsana reflects the moon in its serene traditional moods, providing the ideal ambiance for savoring authentic and traditional Indian cuisine.

Olive Green is a family restaurant. It’s much-loved for its home-style vegetarian delicacies, all available at extremely reasonable prices. Restaurant is a veteran among the string of south Indian food, punjabi food and many more. Each has its own special cuisine and flavors. A very popular haunt for many, this restaurant, so named to celebrate the famous cuisines of the south, promises and delivers authentic local specialties as well as some fusion recipes.

Lip smacking dishes, handpicked from every part of the country with diverse ethnicity find place in its menu. From south Indian savories to north Indian Parantha, be it Punjabi dal makhni or Gujarati dhokla our chefs know it the best. Each and every item is specially cooked in its imported hi-tech kitchen. It also has a spacious banquet hall for organizing meetings, get to gathers and other parties. We also provide catering services; accept party orders for various occasions.

Olive Green is the symbol of peace, prosperity and good health. Good food is indispensable for all the above mentioned faculties. There are thousands of restaurants and every day hundreds are added to it. Olive Green aims at serving good, tasty, nutritious food in affordable price. It offers value for each rupee you spent in this restaurant. The restaurant is spacious and well appointed with state of the art design, architecture, and furniture. It has got an ambiance to get you in the mood for a nice and relaxing moment with friends, colleagues or members of your family. The music is peppy and hip. We have a classic range of rock, pop and easy listening numbers for you to choose from.

So just visit our restaurant, just bring over your friends, colleagues or loved ones and have a wonderful and carefree time at Olive Green.       “We always loved to serve you”

Global Matrimonial

Global Matrimonial

Global Matrimonial is a quality driven online Matrimonial service provider from India. We are offering services to clients across the globe. No matter how complex your data may be, Global Matrimonial gives guarantees an accuracy level of up to 99.90% the services offered by Global Matrimonial turns out to be advantageous in several ways as it increases the tempo of your business activities quickly, saves time, saves money and presents you with many other competitive advantages. We have huge group of best qualified centers which are working with good processes and completed previous processes successfully.

Global Matrimonial is a Matrimonial Processing Services Company which located in Mehsana, Gujarat, India. Founded in January, 2009. Global Matrimonial is the supplier of back office administrative services, including online and offline Matrimonial services and online advertising services.

The Global Matrimonial has more than twenty Different Services of management experience. We provide you immediate project needs or provide ongoing back office support services for your team. We have group of more than thirty centers which are currently working on different types of work and processes.

We are dedicated quality and to providing affordable, flexible, and dependable services to meet every back office and administrative requirement. Our clients enjoy a rich array of services and customer focused attention. These factors are combined with our project approach, our quality initiatives and our team training and offshore advantages, to set us apart from the competition. We encourage you to explore our full array of services and the competitive and business advantages these services provide.

Our projects and client approach is designed to support the client organization, and we provide full account and project management to ensure a positive outcome and an appropriate level of client communication throughout every phase of the project. Our team functions as an extension of the client team, allowing the client to focus on core competencies with complete confidence in the integrity and security of their critical data.

Our mission is to provide the best back offices Matrimonial solutions available in the market today. You will not find another service provider that is more flexible or responsive!

Our services are efficient, affordable and swift. Our vision is to maintain nearly 100% accuracy, and to deliver every project on time and within the budget parameters of the project. Our goal is to support the client with any and all back office technology tasks and to accurately and effectively complete these projects.

When a client has a unique or unusual requirement, we focus on the need, taking the time to explore the best options and to provide appropriate solutions to satisfy the client requirement. We do not stop at ‘standard services’. Instead, we suggest new solutions and, where necessary, we offer technologies or create new solutions to satisfy the client need. Our client satisfaction is excellent as evidenced by our impressive client testimonials. We are one of the fastest growing service providers in this competitive market.

Our services enable the client administrative, accounting, technology and support teams to focus on other activities and perform critical path tasks, while at the same time, the organization can complete important back office tasks and achieve its goals. Our India-based location allows us to provide affordable, cost-effective support and services across all time zones.

Aastha Homoeo

Aastha Multispeciality - logo

Aastha Homoeopathic Multi-speciality e-Clinic

Aastha Homoeopathic Multi-speciality e-Clinic is established by highly qualified & leading Dr. Pinakin Trivedi situated at Mehsana , Ahmedabad and Surat.

Under the guidance of Dr. Pinakin Trivedi, other doctors in the clinic provides consultations and treatment for a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions for all age groups with systematic, individualistic approach of case interview for each patient which concludes in rewarding experience to patients and also helps diagnostically to undergo perfect treatment with emphasizing highest quality standard in Homoeopathy.

Clinic offers specialized service for the treatment of all patients. . Patients from different parts of country and also from abroad have availed successful treatment from the clinic.

For the enhancement of quality service, clinic has adopted an appointment system for new as well as follow-up cases for the convenience of patient and doctor.

Our endeavour is to provide highest quality, professional health care services to the patients.

Plan Your Money

PYM Logo

Home, Insurance, Retirement, Child Education, Marriage, Vacation, shopping there are many things which really makes you happy but unfortunately almost all of these are associated with the money.

But, Good thing is that Money Management and Planning is not that Rocket Science. We just need to stop procrastinating and start taking right decisions. Plan Your Money will try to explore the simple and right path to our necessities and wishes.

As the most preferred mortgage broking company in India, Plan Your Money’s services cover comprehensive mortgage information.

Equipped with the information of the latest mortgage plans and offers of all leading banks and financial institutions, Plan Your Money is well positioned to provide detailed analysis and comparison on different mortgage plans, enabling clients to choose the most suitable plan for their loan requirements.

We put our best efforts for our clients to ensure that they get best deals from Public Sector Banks/ Private Sector Banks/ Non-Banking Finance Companies(NBFCs) for business loans(secured and unsecured), mortgage loans, machinery loans, working capital and project loans for existing and greenfield projects. We also give consultancy for agriculture loans to farmers.

We have rich experience in developing customized financial solutions aligned to organizational needs and requirements.

Plan Your Money business philosophy is to build long lasting relationships with clients who return because of trust, transparency, customized and flexible offerings targeting sustainable benefits.

Within endeavor to transform vision into reality, Plan Your Money offers complete solution which can truly meet the needs of every firm, regardless of size. Plan Your Money provides services.

We cater to all large corporate including Infrastructure, Real Estate, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Hospitals.

Takshashila School

Takshashila School - logo

What comes with Name Takshashila?

It’s Ancient, Heritage & Educational hub where students are made in Global Leaders. It is driven by vision of tomorrow’s India whose children are cultured, knowledgeable, educated, environment conscious and ready to become next gen leaders. The knowledge of today’s world has become so rapid that we cannot comprise it within the limited academic world. To achieve and make this vision reality, Takshashila has started their education institute named “Takshashila School” in 2006 with merely 46 students at the holy land of Idar.

Holistic Education, Scientific Management, Latest Technology and Quality control is the mantra of Takshashila School and this can be seen in terms of academic, co-curricular and financial achievements throughout. Currently more than 500 children are taking education in Takshashila School which itself says about the establishment and acceptance of Takshashila School among community.

Our aim is to bring educational revolution among students of Idar and surroundings by providing knowledge in classrooms. Our School teachers are like ancient times Priests, impart “Prasads” of divine knowledge to students. Takshashila School is dedicated to provide quality education and always try to extend our reach to the maximum in delivering the best in school education. We emphasize on shaping the future of education in a way that creates and makes schooling productive, cheerful & inspiring. To fulfill next gen educational requirement, we have established the “Learners’ Campus” where the student doesn’t remain only passive receiver of collective information but the learner of discovering the journey of knowledge itself.

Who has the best imagination & lots of curiosity? Answer is Children.

So to give them platform to enhance their imagination and satisfy their curiosity, we have designed our curriculum in a way where we let the child’s imagination going by turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Do different children have different learning capabilities? Answer is NO.

Each child has the potential to learn at the same pace only difference arises not because of capabilities but the way learning is taught. We do not restrict our education to test books but go beyond and use technology, implement projects, games, learning centers and various other methods of creating knowledge in the classrooms. We have designed our Teaching system after various research & trial by professional team from all different areas. Our teaching methods are constantly evolving to ensure development of individual student and prepare them for any challenges & uncertainties of the future.

Get Fast Online

Get Fast Online

Pratima Computer Education

pratima computer education

Welcome to PCE, PRATIMA Computer Education have been offering different kinds of computer training programs to their students.

Since 2006 we started Providing Computer Education in Mehsana(Gujarat). We are registered our institute in 2008-2009 year under the goverment act.We are providing short term Computer courses like CCCA,CCOA,CDTP,CICA,ACICA etc. We have our own three branches in Mehsana and one branch in Kalol.
We also provide franchise facility in Gujarat.

Our Facilities:

  • Latest Computer Lab
  • Provide Individual Computer For every Student
  • Seprate Ladies Batch & Ladies Faculty.
  • Lowest Fees Structure
  • Personal Tranning of every Student
  • Contact us for Best Computer Education
  • Seprate Computer Hardware & Networking Lab.
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