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Creating magic with Indian Traditional Namkeen for over 5 years, HERI NAMKEEN is the name, synonymous with hygiene, quality, taste and variety. We provide a quality namkeen and extruded snacks with ultimate taste and relishing freshness. The company offers an assorted range of traditional and modern Indian snacks at competitive prices for different age groups. Today, while we still serve the traditional values of HERI NAMKEEN, we have also adapted to contemporary trends.

Our Namkeen has a rich tangy flavor and premium freshness owing to which it has become a favorite amongst food lovers. Offering such scrumptious Namkeen, the company has registered a prominent name amongst top-notch Namkeen manufacturer companies in India.

|| Bhakharvadi ||

|| Chakri Ganthiya ||

|| Chana Dal ||

|| Farali Chevado ||

|| Farshi Puri ||

|| Ful Vadi ||

|| Jini Sev ||

|| Mesur Dal ||
Call Us : +91 94288 69521