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Shree Mahendrabhai M.Pandya
Jay Hatkesh
Hello all Nagar Parivar Members, we are happy to inform that our community has been launched our own Website.
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The Visnagara Nagar Parivar, Mehsana

The Visnagara Nagar Privar, Mehsana is established in about 1973 at Mehsana.Basically beaing District Head Quarter. Mehsana City is having popularity of Nagar Brahmins from surrounding villages like Valam, Visnagar, Patan, Panchot, Jotana, Motidau, Laghnaj, Mansa, Nardipur etc.

Various several President leaded to this Parivar with their vision. Being small community this Parivar was celebrating “Hatkesh Patostav” at Various Place.

After some year Parivar decided to have own building for various activity and contributed for Land and Money. At that time with Donation of Land from Maharaja Parivar...
President :
Mahendrabhai M. Pandya
Vice President :
Pankajbhai Raval
Jayeshbhai Raval
Yogeshbhai Raval
Secretory :
Brijeshbhai N. Dave
Treasurer :
Manojbhai Maharaja
Auditor :
Upendrabhai Dave
Hatkesh Patostav :
Hatkesh Patostav will be held on date: 24/04/2013 at Harigangaba Wadi at time from 8 am...
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Tour :
Visnagar Nagar Parivar glad to conduct a Tour to North Bharat, Jaipur, Agra, Haridwar, Delhi, from date: 21/05/13 to 31/05/13...
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