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Create your own unique Mobile App with e-Solutions

e-Solutions is a very powerful platform to build enterprise or ecommerce mobile app without coding or designing. Our framework allows businesses to develop mobile apps in a matter of hours to build a stronger brand, enhanced customer loyalty.

Push Notification

Send instant Push notifications to your customers, employee anytime you want.

push notification e-solutions-features-phone Development Cost

0 Development Cost

Our framework enabled you to create beautiful mobile app in a day for you.

All Unlimited

Apps created using our platform supports unlimited downloads, categories and post.

All Unlimited Development Cost

Next Day Delivery

Our framework will create full functional and scalable app in few minutes.

Play Store Ready

Our Policies are designed to ensure that the App Remains a trusted resource for Google.

play store whitelable

Do it yourself app

You can customize the entire app from dashboard icon to Splash Screen.

White labeled app

white labeled app. you can create mobile app for your clients and sale it at your price.


Free Upgrades

Our entire framework is SAAS based we will upgrade with new android version.

Create unique Mobile App with e-Solutions and have fun doing it!

You have a million ideas for a new app, with e-Solutions it becomes much easier to create customized and full functional DIY mobile app. Mobile app can be build and managed by anyone who have basic computing skills. Our dedicated teams is always here to help you.

  • Easy and fun to work creating mobile app
  • Very customizable with great options
  • New features added all the time
  • Always up to date and here to stay
  • Sale it anywhere no geographical barrier
  • Saas model for 0 maintenance for server and app
  • Scalable to support unlimited downloads
  • No cap limit for product/post upload​
  • Monthly/yearly subscription model​

Rapid enterprise mobile app development platform

Large number of small / medium size businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective Mobile app strategy involves more than a mobile-friendly website. Many CMS like WordPress / Joomla / Drupal help web developer to create beautiful website for business and individuals since decade. In same manner our framework will help business owners and web developer to create native mobile app for any business or organization.

Rapid E-commerce mobile app development platform

Nowadays, every business (B2C or B2B), is choosing to build beautifully designed mobile app that helps to boost up the sales. Since mobile apps significantly impact on your business affluence. e-Solutions Ecom – All in one e-Commerce mobile app development framework is created for manufacturers, wholesalers, website owner, dealer, retailer, exporter, shop owner and service provider to create own branded native mobile app in few hours.

APPSARA for Partners and Resellers

Many web designers are building website using wordPress, drupal and joomla and ecommerce website using magento, open cart and other ecommerce shopping cart since long years. In same manner web designers developers can use APPSARA platform to create beautiful full functional and scalable mobile APP for their clients.
  • No development time and charge
  • No server / hosting charge or maintenance
  • Complete white labeled mobile app and admin panel and support system
  • You can sale at your price no price tap
  • Sale it anywhere no geographical barrier
  • Upload to your or your client play store
  • 100s of ready to use template for demo
  • Just pay yearly lowest subscription charge​