Olive Green

A Multi Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant Olive Green is a pure vegan restaurant that offers authentic food and services taking the inspiration from traditions and their values and serve accordingly to please our customers. Olive Green in Mehsana reflects the moon in its serene traditional moods, providing the ideal ambiance for savoring authentic and traditional Indian […]

Global Matrimonial

Global Matrimonial is a quality driven online Matrimonial service provider from India. We are offering services to clients across the globe. No matter how complex your data may be, Global Matrimonial gives guarantees an accuracy level of up to 99.90% the services offered by Global Matrimonial turns out to be advantageous in several ways as […]

Aastha Homoeo

Aastha Homoeopathic Multi-speciality e-Clinic Aastha Homoeopathic Multi-speciality e-Clinic is established by highly qualified & leading Dr. Pinakin Trivedi situated at Mehsana , Ahmedabad and Surat. Under the guidance of Dr. Pinakin Trivedi, other doctors in the clinic provides consultations and treatment for a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions for all age groups […]

Plan Your Money

Home, Insurance, Retirement, Child Education, Marriage, Vacation, shopping there are many things which really makes you happy but unfortunately almost all of these are associated with the money. But, Good thing is that Money Management and Planning is not that Rocket Science. We just need to stop procrastinating and start taking right decisions. Plan Your […]

Takshashila School

What comes with Name Takshashila? It’s Ancient, Heritage & Educational hub where students are made in Global Leaders. It is driven by vision of tomorrow’s India whose children are cultured, knowledgeable, educated, environment conscious and ready to become next gen leaders. The knowledge of today’s world has become so rapid that we cannot comprise it […]

Pratima Computer Education

Welcome to PCE, PRATIMA Computer Education have been offering different kinds of computer training programs to their students. Since 2006 we started Providing Computer Education in Mehsana(Gujarat). We are registered our institute in 2008-2009 year under the goverment act.We are providing short term Computer courses like CCCA,CCOA,CDTP,CICA,ACICA etc. We have our own three branches in […]