Nagar Parivar Mehsana


The Visnagara Nagar Privar, Mehsana is established in about 1973 at Mehsana.Basically beaing District Head Quarter. Mehsana City is having popularity of Nagar Brahmins from surrounding villages like Valam, Visnagar, Patan, Panchot, Jotana, Motidau, Laghnaj, Mansa, Nardipur etc.

Various several President leaded to this Parivar with their vision. Being small community this Parivar was celebrating “HatkeshPatostav” at Various Place.

After some year Parivar decided to have own building for various activity and contributed for Land and Money. At that time with Donation of Land from Maharaja Parivar and Contribution of Various Members and leaders of samaj. Our building named “HariGangabaWadi” constructed in about 1989-90. At present all Function of this Nagar Parivar is celebrated at this Wadi. This Parivar is grown with Honorable efforts of various Ex. President like HarsadbhaiPandit, Kantibhai Mehta, HasmukhbhaiShukla, BhanubhaiRaval, Narendrabhai Dave, Yogeshbhai Mehta, SnehlatabenPandya, Rameshbhai Dave, MadhukarbhaiPandit, JitubhaiPandit, Maheshbhai Dave, JayeshShukla.Every one of this Parivarcontributed the development of Samaj.

At present Visnagara Nagar Parivar is doing good and special activities for well, strong and united Nagar Samaj following activities are carriedout with active leader ship of ShriM.M.Pandya, Present President of Parivar. Also PandyaParivar, Jotana is Main Base of New Vision and Development of Samaj in every activities of Samaj.