Olive Green

Olive Green

A Multi Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant

Olive Green is a pure vegan restaurant that offers authentic food and services taking the inspiration from traditions and their values and serve accordingly to please our customers. Olive Green in Mehsana reflects the moon in its serene traditional moods, providing the ideal ambiance for savoring authentic and traditional Indian cuisine.

Olive Green is a family restaurant. It’s much-loved for its home-style vegetarian delicacies, all available at extremely reasonable prices. Restaurant is a veteran among the string of south Indian food, punjabi food and many more. Each has its own special cuisine and flavors. A very popular haunt for many, this restaurant, so named to celebrate the famous cuisines of the south, promises and delivers authentic local specialties as well as some fusion recipes.

Lip smacking dishes, handpicked from every part of the country with diverse ethnicity find place in its menu. From south Indian savories to north Indian Parantha, be it Punjabi dal makhni or Gujarati dhokla our chefs know it the best. Each and every item is specially cooked in its imported hi-tech kitchen. It also has a spacious banquet hall for organizing meetings, get to gathers and other parties. We also provide catering services; accept party orders for various occasions.

Olive Green is the symbol of peace, prosperity and good health. Good food is indispensable for all the above mentioned faculties. There are thousands of restaurants and every day hundreds are added to it. Olive Green aims at serving good, tasty, nutritious food in affordable price. It offers value for each rupee you spent in this restaurant. The restaurant is spacious and well appointed with state of the art design, architecture, and furniture. It has got an ambiance to get you in the mood for a nice and relaxing moment with friends, colleagues or members of your family. The music is peppy and hip. We have a classic range of rock, pop and easy listening numbers for you to choose from.

So just visit our restaurant, just bring over your friends, colleagues or loved ones and have a wonderful and carefree time at Olive Green.       “We always loved to serve you”