Matrimonial Website

Matrimonial Website Features (Advance Site)


  • User can get registered/Login from Homepage.
  • User can do search the profile as per preferred criteria.
  • User can see different success stories of other members.
  • User can go for quick search as well as advance search by different criteria.
  • We can ask for Personal Details, Communication details, Cast details, Body Details, about them, Hobby, Horoscope Details which is important while in registration.


  • User can manage different things after successful login.
  • User can see updated details, recent visitors of profile, list of contacts, Total views etc
  • User can see pending request which will be request by other user.
  • New registration (New user need to enter personal information as well as desired partner’s information like height, weight, educational qualification, occupation, family background, life style and attributes …Etc)
  • Update profile (update profile details after successful login)
  • One can go to add success story, feedback, change password, hide profile, delete profile and many more…
  • User can see list of members who are looking for him/her
  • User can see list of members he/she is looking for.
  • User can hide the profile for some specific time period.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings for profile

  • Allow my detailed profile to be viewed by all visitors.
  • Allow my detailed profile to be viewed only by registered users who pass my filters.
  • Don’t show my detailed profile or summary profile to any user

Privacy settings for album

  • Show to my accepted contacts
  • Show to paid members
  • Don’t show to anybody
  • Set album cover
  • User can find the list of members who interested in him/her so once can accept or reject request even one can block request.

Search members

  • Quick search
  • Advance search(more specific search than quick search)
  • Search profiles with photo only or without photo


Search result

One can perform below operations on search result members

  • Save search(one can search members in feature on this criteria)
  • Express interest(one can show interest to more than one member at a time)
  • Add to favorite(one can add more than one member as favorite member at a time)
  • Add contacts (one can add more than one member at to contact list)
  • Ignore profile(this profile will not seen in next search)
  • To see detail profile of specific member

Visit Specific member profile

  • One can see all the details allowed by that member including personal information, desired partner profile information, family information, educational qualification information, occupation… etc
  • Request for photo, mobile, emailed …etc of member
  • Send message to member

Receive different type of requests

  • Receive express interest(one can accept ,decline or block more than one received express requests)
  • Friend request(one can accept ,decline or block more than one received friend requests)
  • Photo request(one can accept ,decline more than one received photo requests)
  • Email request(one can accept ,decline more than one received email requests)
  • Mobile request(one can accept ,decline more than one received mobile requests)

Members listings

  • Favorite members
  • Ignored members(not seen in future search results)
  • Blocked members(can ‘t request for anything like mobile, photo, email…etc)
  • Members looking for him/her
  • Members he/she is looking for
  • From search results user can send express interest, add as favorite, add to contacts or can ignore if not interested
  • From search result user can also see member’s profile in detail.


  • From here User can see sent mails by him/her, can receive mails from other members, can delete or spam mails.
  • See messages in inbox
  • See sent messages
  • Delete messages
  • Give label to message and Archive message

My account

  • see date of profile last updated
  • no of pending express request
  • no of pending friend request
  • contact list with photos
  • Add success story
  • Change password
  • Hide profile (for specific time span e.g. for 7 days,15 days,30 days)
  • Delete profile(profile will be deleted)

Photo album

  • From here User can create albums and can add photos to that albums.
  • Create more than one album
  • Insert more than one photo in specific album with choosing cover photo.
  • Set specific photo as album cover to any of photo from album
  • Rename album/photo name
  • Set privacy settings for photo(Show to my accepted contacts, Show to all members, Don’t show to anybody)

Alert manager

  • Personalized matches
  • Service messages
  • Who visited my profile
  • Promotional offer/services mails


Content Writing Charges                                                                                             Rs: 500/- Per Page.

Website Maintenance                                                                                                   FREE for 1st Year


Domain &Hosting Services Will Be Must be Renewable on Next Year.

* Content, Photos, Images, and Videos Must Be Provided by Client in Soft File Format.

Here I would like to list out best scope, as per last conversation we are supposed to provide basic matrimonial site as client have low budget. but as per my experience it will not help us, so here we are going to provide some more advanced features like Success Stories, Photo Album, Communication via Internal Messaging System (Chat), Privacy Setting to hide some data, Choose Desired Choice, Advance Search, Photo Album, Alert Manager and many more features which is generally not provided in basic matrimonial site by anyone.


But we are ready to provide all above feature along with normal matrimonial site in given budget.

 Here I have developed very details documents and list out all possible areas. I hope you can understand the value of this document.

Project Cost include

  • Its Include development cost of admin panel and front site.
  • Designing cost, Theme Design.
  • Very Attractive and unique layout.
  • Complete Designing Charges for all pages.
  • Database designing.
  • SEO friendly design & development of the website.


  • Around 30-35 working days.

Payment Terms

  • 60% advance on signing of the contract or Statement of Work (SOW)
  • 40% on completion of the project Before Online.
  • All payments to be made within a 2 business days from the date of submission of invoice.
  • All payments to be made by PayPal, wire transfer or Credit card payment or Cheque payable to “JMD Computer” payable at Dediyasan – Mehsana, Gujarat, India. 
  • Please raise your request for online invoice in case of Online, Credit Card Payments to [email protected] With Details.

 We are glad to answer your queries if any and will be waiting forward for your positive reply. We look forward for a fruitful and long term journey…